TO: All SAA Families and Employees
FROM: Dale Pfister, Lead Director
SUBJECT: Carpool and Future Plans for Antelope Campus
DATE: 27 January 2021

We wanted to thank you all for your patience as we navigate some upcoming improvements in our carpool process. We are keenly aware of how this impacts you on a daily basis and are sensitive to the delays and frustrations it may cause you. We wanted to update you on what’s happening now and in the future at the Antelope Campus relating to carpool, dropoff and pickup. All these projects are related to the construction of the new West Davis Corridor, which is underway. The plans for a significantly more efficient carpool are discussed in # 4 below.

1. Construction is underway on the new Weber Basin Canal. The canal runs just east of the campus and should be completed in April. The contractors have indicated to us that they hope to keep Antelope Drive open during this project. Groundwater issues have caused them to close 3000 West near Bluff Street but that should be resolved soon. If it becomes necessary to close Antelope Drive, they will give us as much notice as possible so we can alert you to the detours, if any.

2. The widening of Antelope Drive should also be happening soon . There may be delays during this project as well but see #4 below for our plan to improve carpool.

3. Construction of the West Davis Corridor will ramp up in the next few months. Contractors have been selected and since this is a design/build project, the timeline for when the highway construction actually will impact our area is not yet determined. We are told the Corridor Highway should be completed in three years.

4. Most importantly, UDOT and SAA have agreed on a plan to improve your carpool
experience starting next August when school opens. The new carpool route will enter SAA from 3000 West just South of the fire station and will follow a new “Ring Road” that will be constructed. (See drawing below). Traffic will follow current drop off and pick up patterns in front of each building but will exit past the East end of the elementary building and around the Ring Road just South of the fire station and back onto 3000 West. No carpool traffic will be exiting onto Antelope Drive as it does now. Additionally, the current delays at Antelope Drive and 3000 West should be minimized due to a significantly longer stacking area between Antelope Drive and the new SAA entrance South of the fire station. After entering SAA property, the new Ring Road should reduce traffic congestion and speed up the dropoff and pickup process.

Please remember that despite the difficulty of carpool, your children are getting a quality education inside the building each day. Getting your child to school and home again may be challenging because of these projects, but we promise to make sure their education is top notch! Again, thanks for your patience and understanding as we work out these challenges together as partners, seeking the best education for your children!
Thank you for your dedicated support.
SAA Administration

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