We are seeking your help and patience in ensuring our students’ safety as we deal with construction that is gradually surrounding our school. 
First, there is a road closure on 3000 West that is impacting the carpool flow  and your ability to exit the parking lot easily onto Antelope Drive.  We are asking you for your patience as we all are dealing with this problem.  Please stay in your designated color pick-up and exit lanes.  
we are very concerned about our students that are trying to walk through the construction area east of school property to get to their carpool.  With the arrival of huge pipes and construction equipment we are concerned with our students and their safety.  For those students that meet their carpool in the temporary parking area off of school property to the east, we have asked students to walk on the sidewalk on Antelope Dr. over to meet their carpool.  

Thank you for your support as we all want all of our students to arrive and go home safely.

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